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From Chapter 9


of Foundations of Semantic Web Technologies:

There is no shortage of potential future use case scenarios for Semantic Web technologies, ranging from information integration over ambient intelligence to expert systems. Such scenarios are reported in the proceedings of various research and industrial conferences, edited research books, and project reports, and we give corresponding pointers in Section 9.10. These reports are a clear indication of the current state of the art, namely, that Semantic Web technologies are currently in a transition phase from research into applications. This is also witnessed by the industrial development of ontology editors and reasoners, as presented in Section 8.5.


  • Web Data Exchange and Syndication
  • Semantic Wikis
  • Semantic Portals
  • Semantic Metadata in Data Formats
  • Semantic Web in Life Sciences
  • Ontologies for Standardizations
  • RIF Applications
  • Toward Future Applications
  • Summary
  • Further Reading