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Ontology Modeling Languages

A Logic and Computation foundational course at European Summer School on Logic, Language, and Information (ESSLLI) 2009 in Bordeaux.

Ontologies are currently becoming the major paradigm for knowledge representation and reasoning. Their success is driven by the Semantic Web effort, but there is also considerable use outside the Web context, e.g. in information integration or life sciences. In this course, we will present an in-depth treatment of the ontology representation languages RDF and OWL, which are recommended standards by the World Wide Web consortium. The outline of the course is as follows:

  • RDF and RDF Schema
  • OWL: Syntax, Semantics and Reasoning
  • Query languages (in particular SPARQL)
  • Rules for OWL


Time: 9:00, July, 21st -- 25th, 2009

Room: Amphithéâtre Gintrac


In this course, we adopt Turtle as a single uniform syntax that can be used for almost all technologies that are involved here. Readers who feel more at home with description logic syntax when dealing with OWL can find materials with alternative introductions to OWL 2 on our slides page.

Source files (office formats) will be provided later.